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Answer our quiz and win a CD!

We invite you to take part in our next quiz, themed in conjunction with the upcoming U.S. tour in September and October by the post-folklore band Iļģi.

Answer all three questions correctly and send them to quiz@latviansonline.com by Aug. 27. All correct entries will go into the draw to win a copy of the latest Iļģi compact disc, Ne uz vienu dienu.

The questions are:

  1. Name the first album released by Iļģi.
  2. What instrument does Ilga Reizniece play?
  3. Iļģi bass player Gatis Gaujenieks used to perform with what Latvian-American rock band?

Answers may be found by searching Latvians Online.

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Who we are

aLatvians Online is a global Internet meeting place for persons of all ages with an interest in Latvians and Latvia. Offered are free online services such as regular news reports, current affairs and interviews from Latvia and abroad. Also provided are a regular newsletter, discussion forums, a global events register and other community-building features. A compilation of Latvian Internet resources, product reviews and online shopping are popular features of the site.

Latvians Online saw its debut Nov. 18, 2000. This network is the merger of two prominent Latvian Web sites, LatBits.com, which was led by Melbourne-based team Arnis and Daina Gross, and Minneapolis-based SVEIKS.com, which was headed by journalist Andris Straumanis and Web programmer Todd Rossman.

LatBits.com began in 1997 and provided its online readers with an insight into the ever-changing Latvian Internet presence in the form of Web site reviews and feature articles. LatBits was affiliated with the Latvian software development firm DekSoft, which has been involved with the Latvian Internet since its inception.

SVEIKS.com, which saw its debut at the start of 1999, was a leading independent provider of general interest content about Latvian affairs and culture in the West with a focus on North America. The site, in turn, came about from the merger of Latvians in America, created by Straumanis, and Latvia-Latvija, run by Rossman.

Latvians Online saw its first major redesign in March 2004, adopting the latest Web standards for the display of information. For those interested in such details, the layout of our pages is driven by Cascading Style Sheets while content is largely served through a content management system. An RSS feed with the latest news, columns, reviews and other material is available here.

For further information about Latvians Online, contact us.


Daina Gross, Editor

Daina Gross was born in Sydney, Australia, and now lives in Melbourne. Her association with Latvians and learning about their perspective on life began at an early age and continues to this day. Daina graduated from the Sydney Latvian high school and Anna Ziedare Summer High School and has studied Latvian at the university level. She has been actively involved in the Latvian community both in Sydney and Melbourne in the culture and education sectors as well as in Latvian academic sorority (korporaciju) life. Daina has an arts degree and has worked in the legal publishing industry for seven years. She has lived and worked in Latvia in 1991, 1993 and 1998. She served as editor of LatBits, an online Latvian e-zine, from 1998 to 2000, is married to Arnis Gross and is raising three young children, Laila and Toms and Olivers.

Arnis Gross, Technical Director

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Arnis Gross has since the 1980s been actively promoting the use of computers and the Internet to the local Latvian community and other Latvian organisations worldwide. Since 1986, he has been the principal at DekSoft, a Latvian software and computer consulting and development firm; developed the Baltic Express Mail service, which operated between Australia and the Baltics from 1991 to 1993, and in 1997 co-founded LatBits, an online Latvian e-zine. His qualifications include a B.Eng. from Monash University in Melbourne and a Latvian linguistics minor at Flinders University in Adelaide. Arnis enjoys spending his spare time with his wife, Daina, and three children, Laila, Toms and Olivers.


Amanda Jātniece, Contributing Editor

Amanda Jātniece contributes to Latvians Online through folklore features and album reviews. She also heads up the Izglītība section focused on Latvian education abroad. Jātniece graduated from the Minneapolis-St. Paul and Gaŗezers Latvian schools; the Latvian Gymnasium in Muenster, Germany, and earned her bachelor of arts degree in linguistics from the University of Minnesota. A Latvian-American currently living with one foot in Latvia, where she works in translation and is raising her two children. Jātniece has been a member of the Latvian folk music ensembles Lini and Teiksma, both based in Minneapolis, Minn., and now sings with two ensembles in Latvia.

Egils Kaljo, Contributing Writer

Egils Kaljo is an American-born Latvian who lives in Rīga, Latvia. He went to Latvian school in Yonkers, as well as the Latvian summer camp in the Catskills. A member of the New York Latvian Ev.-Lutheran Church in Yonkers, Kaljo has a large collection of Latvian recordings, and is also a musician himself, playing the guitar and piano.

Andris Straumanis, Special correspondent

Born in New York, Andris Straumanis is an associate professor of journalism at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, commuting from his home in Minnesota. Research interests include the history of pre-World War II Latvian immigrants to North America and the contemporary Latvian mass media. Straumanis has worked as a reporter, editor and photographer for newspapers in Illinois and Minnesota. He was editor of Latvians Online from 2000-2012.

Style guide

Latvians Online faces a particular challenge because it is partially bilingual and because of its international audience. While the vast majority of material published here is in English, articles in Latvian do appear, as does frequent use of Latvian within English-language articles. In all cases, Latvians Online attempts to respect the specific cultural setting of the author. Thus, in English-language articles, both American and British use are acceptable (flavor or flavour, skeptic or sceptic, etc.), so long as consistency is maintained within the article. With the Latvian language, both pre-World War II and post-World War II use are generally acceptable (we'll allow both archīvs and arhīvs, for example).

Authors of English-language articles are advised to use the The Associated Press Stylebook for most questions regarding journalistic usage. A dictionary should be used to answer most questions regarding spelling and specific language usage. Beyond that, the following items must be observed in English-language articles.

In general, use abbreviations in subsequent references to organizations with particularly long titles. Immediately after the first reference to the organization, indicate the abbreviation, without periods, in parentheses. It is acceptable to use the Latvian abbreviation for well-known organizations. However, avoid the "alphabet soup" that results when too many abbreviations are peppered throughout an article. Example: the World Federation of Free Latvians (PBLA).
Use specific addresses to identify locations in calendar items or in other references where a reader might need to know exactly where something may be found. Abbreviate avenue (Ave.), boulevard (Blvd.) and street (St.) when used with an address, but not when standing alone. Examples: 123 Smilšu St.; Brīvības Boulevard.
a.m., p.m.
Not AM and PM, not am and pm. See time.
compact disc
Spell out compact disc on first reference. CD is acceptable in subsequent references. Album and record may also be used, keeping in mind that some albums or records are available in multiple formats, such as CD, cassette or vinyl.
Daugavas Vanagi
When referring to this World War II veterans group's branches in the United States, use Latvian Welfare Association "Daugavas Vanagi" on first reference. Daugavas Vanagi or DV is acceptable on subsequent references.
Datelines are the identification at the beginning of a story (for example, "RĪGA, Latvia"), that indicate where a journalist physically was when they reported a story. However, the average reader might assume instead that the dateline merely means that a story occurred in that location. To avoid the confusion, do not use datelines. It is better to make clear in the text of the story where an event occurred or where an interviewee was when an interview took place.
In references to the cathedral in Old Rīga, it's dome, not dom. Example: the Rīga Dome Boys Choir.
European Union
Spell out on first reference, but EU may be used in subsequent references. EEC (the European Economic Community) is an antiquated term and should not be used unless for historical purposes. In Latvian-language text, the first reference should be to Eiropas Savienība, after which ES may be used.
The Latvian center in south central Michigan is spelled with the soft "r", not without it (and even if the soft "r" has fallen out of use today). The center takes its name from the adjoining body of water, Long Lake. To spell the name of the center without the soft "r" might suggest that the English name is Spirit Lake. It is not.
Internet and related terms
It's Internet, not internet. The Internet is a network of computer networks employing various communication standards. The Internet includes such elements as e-mail, FTP and the World Wide Web, but the terms are not synonymous. On first reference, the Web is acceptable as a reference for the World Wide Web. It's website, not Web site. In Latvian, it is internets (lower case i), except, of course, at the beginning of a sentence. The word for Web is tīmeklis.
The word Latvian may be both a noun and an adjective. Its use may be confusing if a clear distinction is not made between a reference to the ethnic group and a reference to the nation. A person may be a resident or a citizen of Latvia, he or she may not necessarily be of Latvian ethnicity. Likewise, a person might be from Latvia, but not necessarily of Latvian ancestry. In most articles it may be assumed that references to Latvian refer to membership in the ethnic group, but care should be taken in cases where confusion might arise. The same holds for articles in the Latvian language and the use of words such as latvieši and latviešu.
Latvians Online
Latvians Online is the only acceptable usage. It's not Latviansonline. LOL is sometimes used as shorthand by readers submitting to forum discussions, but is not to be used in articles because confusion may result with accepted Internet shorthand (LOL means "laughing out loud") or with other Latvian Web sites (the former Laiks Online, for example, would refer to itself as LOL).
The abbreviation NATO is acceptable on first reference. It stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. For clarity, it's useful to write "the NATO defense alliance" on first reference. NATO also may be used in Latvian-language text, even though it's not the true acronym for the alliance's full name in Latvian: Ziemeļatlantijas līguma organizācija.
Spell out numbers zero to nine. Use numerals for 10 and greater. However, do not start a sentence with a numeral. Either rewrite the sentence, or spell out the number. Exceptions: Use numerals when citing dimensions, such as 3 inches, 9 meters, etc.
Rules for punctuation differ between English and Latvian, as well as between American English and British English. For Latvian, follow proper form as stipulated in any good grammar guide. For English punctuation, follow the form of American English. Remember that punctuation is meant to provide natural pauses and stops in language; it is not meant to confuse a reader. If nothing else, we frown on excessive use of exclamation marks!
Russian transliteration
If Russian text (the Cyrillic alphabet) needs to be used in a story, it should be transliterated using the system approved by the U.S. Library of Congress and the American Library Association. A copy in Adobe Acrobat format may be downloaded here.
Note the correct spelling! Parliament or Latvian parliament may be used in place of Saeima.
Soviet Union
Use this rather than U.S.S.R. The abbreviation may be lost on some readers, particularly younger ones. If you must use the abbreviation, spell it out on first reference -- Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
Use the proper Latvian form for writing the last names of men and women of Latvian origin (Ozoliņš for the man, Ozoliņa for the woman, etc.). The exception is when a woman prefers to use the masculine form of her surname or when she is better known that way outside Latvian society.
Particularly in U.S. and Canadian calendar listings, but also in all articles, references to time are to be presented in 12-hour format with a.m. and p.m. denoting morning and afternoon or evening, respectively. Proper use: 3 a.m., 5:03 a.m., 7:30 p.m. The midday hour is noon, not 12 noon. Midnight is midnight, not 12 midnight. For European calendar listings, use 24-hour format. For example, 4 p.m. is the same as 16:00 hours.
Official titles appearing immediately before a person's name are capitalized. Appearing alone, or following the person's name, the title is not capitalized. Generic titles are not capitalized. Examples: President Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga; Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga, president; Latvian head of state Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga.
United States
Use the abbreviation U.S. for both the noun and the adjective. Examples: The president is to visit the U.S.; The U.S. government supports NATO.
Web, website
The network of hypertext sites is the Web, but a singular location on the network is a website.

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Choice and consent

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If you have a product, service or information that you would like to reach a worldwide Latvian audience, then here is how you can quickly and cost effectively use Latvians Online to spread the word. We have an average 80,000 visitors to our site every month (mainly from the United States, Canada, Latvia, the United Kingdom and Australia) and 10,000 subscribers to our monthly Latvians Online Update e-mail newsletter. The majority of our readers are of Latvian origin, but not all. We are often the first port of call for those who are looking to find information on Latvia on the Web. Tourists, journalists, people who have Latvian acquaintances and the average Web surfer with an interest in Latvia are also our audience. Have a look at our reader profile (PDF, 1.4 MB), based on an analysis of 300 respondents who completed our latest survey in May 2006.

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We offer various advertising options:

1. Text ads

Text ads appear just below the main menu in the right hand column of our site. Text ads appear throughout our site. Your ad will go into rotation with other ads in this position. The cost is USD 75 per 100 characters for one month or USD 150 per 400 characters for one month. Characters include text, numerals and spaces. We offer considerable discounts for advertising for three months or more. If you would like to include a link to your Web site please send this to us together with the text.

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This option is ideally suited for advertisers with their own Web site or for those who require the display of an image as part of the advertisement. If you do not have a banner ad we can organise a talented graphic designer to create one for you for USD 100. If you are new to promoting your Web site using banner ads, read our FAQ About Banner Ads.

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All payments are processed via PayPal.

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In short

Latvians Online is for anyone interested in Latvia and its diaspora. Sections include news, features, commentary, discussion forums, an events calendar, product reviews and shopping.


What's new


17 Apr 2014

Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Bear?

If countries were described in terms of human lifespans, it could fairly safely be said that Russia today is a teenage hooligan. 


15 Apr 2014

Diasporu aicina atbalstīt Latvijas gatavošanos ES prezidentūrai

Jau pēc nepilniem deviņiem mēnešiem Latvija kļūs par prezidējošo valsti Eiropas Savienības Padomē. Ko Latvijai nozīmē prezidentūra ES Padomē? Kāda ir gaidāmā prezidentūras darba kārtība? Un, visbeidzot, kā ārvalstīs dzīvojošie latvieši var iesaistīties un veicināt Latvijas prezidentūras sagatavošanos un norisi?


07 Apr 2014

Latviešu valodas aģentūra rīko ārzemju latviešu skolotāju kursus jūlijā

Jau septiņus gadus Rīgā notiek ārzemēs dzīvojošo izglītības darbinieku kursi. Tos rīkojusi gan Pasaules Brīvo latviešu apvienība, gan Latviešu valodas aģentūra.

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Mārtins Bisters on the life and death of poet Leonids Breikšs posted by jandžs on 07 Apr 2014


Vai ataisit pudeli? Should I open the bottle? posted by aivars t on 20 Mar 2014

Putin's USSR posted by Mr L L on 16 Mar 2014

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